Corinna West: Wellness Wordworks | It feels so great to be off psych meds

Posted on June 14, 2011

Corrina West is an Advocate in Kansas City Missouri. She has her hand in many different and very effective projects, and you can sure read more about her and her endevours at her website

But today – she has graced us with a perfect example of being proactive in our health care by becoming informed, engaging the support of her physcian, having a positive solution focused support team and having a clear plan to achieve her goal to live her “best life”. 

An excerpt and link at the bottom to the entire article:

I’m not anti-medication,but I am anti-bullshit. I know that medications truly help some people,and some people do well on them.  Those people should feel free to continue using them. However, I think all people should be given honest information about psychiatric meds before being put on them. We should be told how hard they can be to get off,and that there is not a ton of research showing long term effectiveness for medications. We should be given the truth that the chemical imbalance theory has not proven to be true. We should be given help and support for getting back off the medications as soon as possible.  This would be the best way to help the 40% of people that do not respond to any given medication and might actually be harmed by it. In our current system,people unhelped by medications are only given more medications as well as the message that they are doing something wrong if they’re not recovering.

Steven Hyman from the NIMH in 1996 article in the American Journal of Psychiatry [vol. 153:151-162] explained that all psychotropic medications,both illicit substances and prescribed medications,work by “causing perturbations in normal neurotransmitter functioning.”Robert Whitaker quoted this article yesterday in his keynote address at the National Empowerment Center’s conference where activists came together to figure out what to do about the over-prescription of psychiatric medications. This article says,“The immediate molecular targets of these drugs in the nervous system initiate perturbations that activate homeostatic mechanisms…until cellular signalling reaches an adapted state which may be qualitatively and quantitatively different from the normal state.”These adaptations are things like up-regulation of transmitters being blocked and down-regulation of transmitters being boosted. When the drug is withdrawn,these adaptions remain. Robert Whitaker said,“For the illicit drugs,we call this process addiction. For the prescribed medications,we call this process therapeutic.” This is why psychiatric medications are so hard to get off. This is my success story of how I did it.

You can read the rest of the article by following this link:  Corinna West: Wellness Wordworks | It feels so great to be off psych meds.