Corinna West: Wellness Wordworks | Maybe I never needed a psychiatric label at all

Posted on June 22, 2011

Corrina West wrote another thought provoking post that I wanted to share with you about the bigger question; what if? What if there were other options? Other solutions offered? Education about emotional distress instead of being taught to view pain as something to be avoided, managed and medicated? 

Food for thought.

An excerpt from Corrina’s essay: 

“Judi Chamberlin,one of the founders of the consumer movement,said that “Emotional distress is usually a sign that a person’s life is intolerable.” In her pivotal book,On Our Own (essential reading for all revolutionaries),she said that person’s “loving family” may have some dark painful secrets,that a person’s “great” job may actually be boring or degrading,or that a person’s “happy” marriage may indeed be completely unsatisfying and unconnected. If a person works through this distress and makes necessary but sometimes painful changes in their life,then they can move forward with a better situation. However,if a person enters the mental health system,the job of the mental health system is to help a person tolerate the existing situation,to be able to stand the emotional distress without feeling so much suffering. The mental health system does not work to help people examine their lives and make radical changes.”

You can read the rest of this piece by clicking on this link:  Corinna West: Wellness Wordworks | Maybe I never needed a psychiatric laber at all.