Imagine a World Where Psych Beds Were Empty

Posted on July 22, 2011

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For anyone following this Blog the issues of long term psychotropic drugs is or may become a question.

Today I wanted to share an article from a blog that has been popular amongst those seeking alternatives for many years now, Beyond Meds.

This post (link below) provides a good summary of whats going on around the world as far as the awakening we as a society are having in relation to the use of these chemicals…we are also starting to question the proposed benefits of them in comparason with the reality of the cohesive evidence being compiled by researchers around the world.

Many questions arise for many on these issues.

Todays post will hopefully provide you with perhaps not all of your answers but a path to consider.

At the end of this article – take a look at “What do we do if we don’t use these neurotoxic drugs” and start to envision a world that resembles that of Finland where the psych beds are actually empty.

Read this compilation here: Finally the tide is turning — drugs are on the way out « Beyond Meds.

And of course a disclaimer might be helpful here: Never go off psychotropic drugs without being fully informed of the process and consequences of this action. To abruptly stop the use of these drugs can cause a severe withdrawal reaction that can put one at serious risk for numerous complications of withdrawal including suicidal ideation and emotional instability. Always consult with your team of professionals and engage in a proactive stance in regards to these issues.