Do It Once; Time and Task Management

Posted on August 7, 2011

Whether we are supporting others or taking action to create our own proactive plan of action to reduce or withdraw from dependence on psychotropic medications there are many life skills that can support creating that stable state of well being.

A couple of those skills are time and task management.

Very often when life and all that goes with it starts piling up we can shift from that state of well being where life is rolling along and we’re feeling confident and competent about how we are managing life on lifes terms to that place where chaos and confusion can set in.

Today one of the blogs I subscribe to had a short article on a productivity tip that sometimes we may practice but then it may fall to the way side along with a few other things – like our to do list:)).

Over at Leo Babuta talks about tackling things as they come instead of putting it off until “later” which can often result in the beginning of the proverbial piles as one thing after another gets put off until “later”.

If we can start learning and practicing the life skills that will allow and enable us to maintain that sense of well being we can develop the confidence to know that when “one more thing” comes at us that we can go with the flow and stay the course.

You can read the article on time and task management here: The Little Productivity Tip of a Zen Master | zen habits.

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