Open Dialogue: A Video Introduction

Posted on August 29, 2011

Description: Trailer for “Open Dialogue,” a 74-minute documentary on the Western Lapland Open Dialogue Project, the program presently getting the best results in the developed world for first-break psychosis — approximately 85% full recovery, a far majority off anti-psychotic medication. Filmed in Finland. Directed by Daniel Mackler.

From David Macklers website: My name is Daniel Mackler and I am filmmakerwriter, and musician based in New York City.  I also worked for ten years as a psychotherapist in New York, though I ended my formal therapy practice in early 2010.  My writings focus on the causes, consequences, and radical significance of childhood trauma.  I see childhood trauma as ranging from the extreme, which is common, to the mild, which is so much MORE common that few even notice it at all, much less call it by its proper name.  I view the norm in our culture as being highly traumatized, and I view the average, and even above-average, childhood as being extremely traumatic – and the average parent as lacking both awareness of this and deep empathy for the child.