Some may never be able to stop the drugs altogether

Posted on December 12, 2011

This post is in response to a conversation with friend and fellow Blogger and Psychiatric survivor Gianna Kali this morning. You can read more on these issues at her site Beyond Meds. Gianna had shared this article with me from a blog that she was perusing and you can read here:  Some thoughts on stopping psychiatric medications – Empathic Therapy, Education & Living.

In Finland when they made the shift from medicalizing emotions and extreme states to that of their Open Dialog model they observed an interesting phenomenon.

Some folks who had been taking these drugs for decades never recovered and remained dependent on the them. These persons maintain their beds at the institutions and wonder the grounds aimlessly. Unable to regain cognitive functions. Evidence of the long term damage potential of these drugs.

Today the big move is that we must all find a way to stop taking the drugs altogether and I want to make sure to make it clear that while that might be the long term hope – some may never achieve that goal.

So if you’ve done an extended taper and by extended I mean over months or even years….and still experience much emotional instablity….it may truly be “in your head” but not in the sense of “disease”. Rather – this may be one of those long term effects of these drugs that we of course don’t know anything about because we were, of course, told we would be on them “for life”.

So – if you are trying to reduce to get to complete withdrawal….

Cut yourself some slack, slow down and above all…..don’t feel as though you are “wrong”.

It isn’t your fault that you can’t “do it”. It may in fact be because your body requires the drugs in some minute amount to maintain stability.

It may be that a much slower taper would be helpful to reduce an increase of “symptoms”.

The message I”m getting at is that I personally was forced into complete withdrawal and still experience a lot of issues. But – I can’t get medical support for these issues and would never endorse abrupt or uninformed withdrawal.

So today I do what I can to use my experiences to offer support and information to others seeking to live outside of psychiatry.

So today, an article on this idea that we all can stop using these drugs and that maybe that shouldn’t be the goal at least for now anyway.

Read here: Some thoughts on stopping psychiatric medications – Empathic Therapy, Education & Living.