Getting involved…where you can find me

Posted on April 10, 2012

Sometimes I like to clarify that this website and blog is a landing page; a place for those who are interested in learning to live beyond psychotropic drugs to get connected with the workshop and the powerpoint presentation. This blog is not very active at all yet – I see many from around the globe following and registering for updates.

So today I wanted to give you some additional resources and let you know where you can find me and how to get involved in the conversations or ask your own questions.

First off…the powerpoint can be found here; Proactive Planning: The original Workshop (2011) At some point I may add audio to this file so you have the entire presentation and can work from it to create your own POA (Plan of Action) to prepare for a safe reduction or withdrawal from these drugs.

Here is the Resources Page this a good place to find information that may be applicable to your withdrawal process or to discover other resources, tools or information on trauma informed resources to dealing with extreme states. This isn intended to support your journey to freedom from psychotropic drugs by answering that question on everyones mind: If we don’t use the drugs what DO we do? And you can rest assured that there is plenty we can do along the way although the process of “coming off” is only the beginning.

Trauma Informed Care (TIC) is one of the new favorite terms that is being tossed around quite a bit these days in the Mental Health Industry. The problem is…is that many if not most “providers” lack an understanding of “Trauma Informed Care” and its simply a buzz word. The resources on this page will support you in determining the kind of TIC that you feel would be supportive of learning to live beyond your trauma experiences vs simply managing “symptoms”. Part of it IS learning to get through a crisis situation but then comes the learning the life and coping skills that enables us to move beyond maintenance of symptoms to living beyond them. Trauma is real. Distress is real but – we are not our experiences and we are not “forever broken” nor are we powerless.

Find your way over to Facebook and send me a friend request and let me know that you came from the Proactive Planning website or workshop. This is my personal profile where I share daily on the journey and occasionally will chat with those who have questions about their withdrawal process.

For inspiration support and daily messages to support your recovery journey you can find the Empowering Solutions Community page at Facebook here. This is where I address the real life issues that those who have faced trauma, dysfunction, abuse, neglect by posting daily notes about my own learnings along the way. We currently have nearly 500 community members and would like to invite you to join us there by clicking here. 

There is much more to learning to live after psychotropic drugs and my personal blog is where I post and share daily about the journey and path I’ve traveled. The archives are full of stories that will support your journey to wholeness and health from the inside out. Click here to go there. The archives from 2010 might be a good place to start.

Click here for another page of Resources from my personal blog that might be helpful. 

You can contact me via the Contact Page here if you have specific questions or are seeking information. Please keep in mind that I am unable to offer advice or “counseling” as such and my main role is not to advise you but to provide you the information and resources that you can make your own informed decisions.  Please allow a few days for a response if you contact me via the Contact page.

How else can we support you? 

Leave your comments below or send me a note via the Contact Us page and tell me what it is you are struggling with; I’d really like to know how I can support you as you embark on your own journey to learn to live well and live beyond psychotropic drugs and dependence.

Thank you for your interest in learning to take a Proactive Position to reducing reliance on or withdrawing from psychotropic drugs.

Heres to learning to live well:)