Theres more to coming off psych drugs than just stopping them

Posted on April 15, 2012

I like to remind folks that there is more to coming off psychotropic drugs than just “stopping them”.

In fact…in the Proactive Planning workshop you’ll find very little about the actual taper and withdrawal process.


Because to focus solely on the “coming off” without planning and preparing is…


Like jumping in the deep end of a swimming pool without first having learned to swim.

Not to mention that it would be irresponsible of me to suggest that I could give you a ‘quick fix” or that every drug and everyone would respond the same to a taper or reduction plan.

The entire idea behind this website and the related workshop is that in order to effectively engage in reducing reliance on or withdrawing from these very powerful drugs is vital to know where we are, where we want to go and….

How are we going to get there.

So if you are stopping by here and thinking that this will be a site that tells you step by step how to “get off” these drugs…

Without having to do any of your own reasearch or work…

I’m sorry to disapoint you.

What you WILL find here are resources and information about the steps to take to safely prepare your OWN Proactive PLAN to safely reduce reliance on or withdraw from psychotropic drugs.

Vist the powerpoint here to get an idea of some of the things to consider.

Visit the resources page here to discover what I’ve found to be helpful resources while engaging in this learning process.

And join us at the Empowering Solutions Community page on Facebook if you’re ready to jump into some of the life issues we often face on this path.

I know its hard and its often scary to consider making this kind of change and I wish I could make it easier and not so scary.

The reality is that if we will take the time to make a proactive plan instead of just jumping into the process of withdrawals we are greatly improving our odds of a favorable outcome and minimizing the risk of being either arrested or involuntarily committed because we were unprepared.

Shoot me a note or leave a comment below…

What issues are you dealing with, what questions do you have about creating your own “Proactive Plan”?