Posted on June 8, 2012

Most doctors, therapists and individuals in general are uninformed about how to safely reducing or go off these drugs. This is an excellent piece talking about just that.

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Updated note: psych drugs often damage the nervous system in ways that can take years to heal and these clinics don’t understand or appreciate this…this is not limited to benzos…but includes all psych drugs. Charles Whitfield MD calls psych drugs agents of trauma for this very reason. 

*The stay at Novus detox center was in 2009

Many existing detox centers do not know how to safely withdraw people from psychiatric drugs. On the withdrawal boards it’s generally suggested that people do what they can at home where they can control the speed of the withdrawal. It’s very important that withdrawal is slow, careful and measured for those of us who are victims of iatrogenesis. The rate of iatrogenesis (drug-induced illness) increases when withdrawal is done too quickly. Many of us have been tempted to go faster and get it over with. (yes, me too, which is how I got into…

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