Posted on June 16, 2012

A great post on recognizing that “awakening” and self awareness….

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Even when life brings one lemons, I’ve found the most helpful attitude is to be curious:

To me, spiritual practice is like a mystery story in that we stumble onto something we have never encountered before. At that point, the intelligent approach is “Wow, what have we here? Let me take a closer look.” – Cheri Huber

I share in a post about Cheri Huber’s work: There is nothing wrong with you

The below excerpt from Tricycle Magazine about dealing mindfully and skillfully with physical pain can be done with emotional pain too:

One night when I was still new to meditation, I lay awake for hours in agony from a badly sprained ankle. Finally I decided to see what would happen if I meditated with the pain as my object. The result astounded me.

I recalled a teacher’s suggestion: “Get curious about your experience.” I had never before stayed with…

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