“Alternatives”? Alternatives to what?

Posted on June 26, 2012

In seeking to find empowering solutions sometimes I find it helpful to look at words that sometimes lose their meaning when we see them frequently.

In this case…sometimes I think the word “alternatives” gets tossed around like candy at a street parade to the point that it loses both its meaning and its power.

And that is what this blog is all about.

Understanding that we have options and finding our own personal power to create the kind of long term change that can change our lives.

In other words…

If we are looking for a “quick fix” in the way of “alternatives” that will ease us of our distress or dysfunciton so we don’t have to deal with it or address it…

Sorry. :) You wont find that here.

What you WILL find…is real truth…the kind that set me free from the hopelessness of “for life” and that I am passionate to share with others who have been led to believe that “mental illness” is more than just a label to describe someone who struggles in life.

The challenge I’ve found is if we will just be open to challenging the stories we’ve been told and questioning our own beliefs….being willing to engage in becoming responsible to create the life we want for ourselves by learning how to create our “best life” from the inside out.

So “alternatives”…

What I observe very often is that we are often looking for “alternatives” to REPLACE the psychotropic drugs; another, yet different, “quick fix”.

We seek “alternatives” that will ease our emotional pain and quiet the noise in our heads that drives us to engage in the “acting out” ie “danger to self or others” or the “shutting down” where we feel so hopeless and powerless that we can’t see beyond the darkness that consumes us.

And what I observe over and over and over…

Is individuals who find “alternative” “treatments” and get lost in basically shifting dependence from doctors and therapists to dependence on engaging in “doing” “holistic” things and treatments to attempt to feel better vs learning to use these alternatives as tools to help us become the creators of our own state of internal and external well-being.

Dependence on things outside of ourselves, be it mainstream or alternative, to create internal well being are most always a temporary “fix”.

A few examples being supplements, learning “tricks” to cope or manage symptoms “holistically” … or where we shift our dependence from mainstream “providers” to holistic “practitioners”.

Keep in mind this is NOT a slam about holistic alternatives – I in fact take advantage of and use such alternative tools to support my own well-being like meditation, supplements, dietary changes, Rekei…but rather this is an alert to us that these methods are “tools”….not another easy out from emotional or cognitive distress.

In other words…when the “alternatives” don’t appear to “work” this becomes evidence of some other internal defect that is keeping us in that place of extremes where its either emotional feast or famine aka mania, psychosis or depression & dissociation.

We stay stuck in that place where we are looking for something outside of ourselves to “do” in order to create what can only come from within. 

The “empowering solution” that came to me was in learning to not shift my dependence from mainstream medical model of health care that says “sick forever” but to learn to view and use holistic alternatives as tools to support my personal development as I learned how to create well-being from the inside out. 

Using “alternatives to psychiatry” to support our journey to inner peace and well-being is one thing.

Yet when we simply shift our dependence from one external fix to another we are not learning to live in the state of self-awareness that is the foundation of self-empowerment.

So – in creating our own “proactive plan” that includes learning about alternative ways of coping with immediate distress while also doing the inner work of self-awareness to engage in learning the life skills that will allow us to create long term lifestyle changes that support a self-directed life of well-being…

This – is where we find the power of using “alternatives” to the mainstream model of psychiatry that says…

Broken forever.

For more info on some of the skills and tools we can use to support our desire to create our “best life”….you can revew the powerpoint from the original workshop here: https://proactiveplanning.wordpress.com/the-original-workshop/


Stay tuned.

My hope is that this website might become an empowering resource as we support you in creating your own proactive plan of action to create your own unlimited life. :)

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