Posted on October 16, 2012

Part of learning to live without depending on psychotropic drugs to manage our mind and emotions is to learn to self manage our mind and emotions. Meditation is the beginning of that life skill of self management and is a lot simpler than we think. A great post on the simplicity of self awareness through the skill and practice of meditation…

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Meditation collections below.

.Meditation is the PRACTICE of learning to PAY ATTENTION. That is all.

Paying attention can be a very difficult feat in  a culture where we are taught to deny so much of our being. Finding ourselves again, though, is incredibly well worth the time and effort put into learning to do so.

Posts on Beyond Meds that explore the nature of meditation:

●  Science of mindlessness and mindfulness…  Take note that Ellen Langer is very clear about the fact that sitting meditation is not the only way to become mindful. I love how she doesn’t attach any particular belief system or set of practices with becoming mindful. There are many ways to pay attention as I’ve tried to make clear many times on this blog but since I do have my particular ways that I talk about frequently that may sometimes overshadow a larger…

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