A Journey…: Good Day/Bad Day

Posted on November 9, 2012

Part of making that “proactive plan” to reduce reliance on psychotropic drugs that dull our emotions and slow our thinking is to learn the self management skill of learning to choose to engage with life in a different way.

In my own journey, the idea that I could “choose” to not follow every thought I had or that I could change my “mood”….was outrageous.


Because when I’d accepted all the labels and the idea that my brain was “broken” I’d also accepted that my emotional/mental state was out of my control.

Yet – it was in learning that I had full control over myself – my mind, my thoughts and yes; my emotions…this was when I discovered that I could actually create the “me” I wanted to be and live the life I wanted instead of tolerating a life I hated.

Today over at my personal blog –  some tips on learning to engage actively with making that mind shift from “Today sucks” to a mindset of “I have a really great life!” by learning and practicing the life skill of “choosing”.

You can read this piece here: A Journey…: Good Day/Bad Day.

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