Is “Medication Tapering” The Best Term For Withdrawal? | Mad In America

Posted on November 9, 2012

In the process of learning to safely reduce by tapering or choosing to do an abrupt withdrawal there is much to consider.This is vast territory with limited insight, resources or supports.

YET – there is more and more information becoming available to us through those in the medical field such as Heather Ashton, who has meticulously researched and documented that benzodiazepines are indeed one drug that most often requires a slow reduction/taper for the best outcome.

Today over at Mad In America, Will Hall discusses the ideas and reasons for abrupt or tapered reduction/withdrawal.

Read this very excellent piece at the link below – and if you are interested please share with others who may benefit including health care providers and therapists.

Will Hall at Mad In America on Is “Medication Tapering” The Best Term For Withdrawal? | Mad In America.

List of benzodiazepines via Wikipedia here. 

Heather Ashtons manual on coming off benzodiazapines safely here. 

Mad In America

Will Hall 


As always – if you are taking psychotropic drugs NEVER EVER just “go off them”. To do so can be life threatening. For more information and resources on how to safely reduce or withdraw from Psychotropic drugs please visit the resources page here and view the powerpoint presentation here. 

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