Vitamin D Deficiency, Mood and Energy

Posted on November 10, 2012

There is a natural thing that happens to our health when we don’t meet our bodies need for nutrition through our diet and deplete our system of what it needs to function effectively on its own.

Vitamin D has long been connected with chronic depression, fatigue, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and so one.

Personally – my energy levels did not return until I started a daily regime of high doses of Vitamin D3 on a daily basis.

For your reading pleasure and to put you on a path of seeking some of your own solutions….read more about Vitamin D deficiency and some tips to set things right again….

Read here: Vitamin D Deficiency –

Here is another article that goes over some of the chronic health issues we can experience if we are low in Vitamin D and some suggestions to address it. Click here to read this piece.  (I am not familiar with this web site and publishing this as a resource here does not indicate I agree with or endorse it).


As always – if you are taking psychotropic drugs NEVER EVER just “go off them”. To do so can be life threatening. For more information and resources on how to safely reduce or withdraw from Psychotropic drugs please visit the resources page here and view the powerpoint presentation here. 

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