Learning To Live After Being Labeled

Posted on November 20, 2012

Learning to create our “best life” after be labeled as “mentally ill” can be a challenge.

Often we have come to see ourselves as “less than” and feel as though we often “have no choice”.

I meet many every day who have come to believe that their “illness” is the reason they can’t work, can’t have healthy, functional (non drama) relationships and more.

The truth of the matter is that we can learn to develop the life, coping, social skills to become the person we want to be. 

Personal development is much different than “self help” or even what we get from “professional help” that keeps us looking and seeking for the next best quick fix.

The goal in life is not to survive, manage or cope “for life” but to be able to learn how to see ourselves as the creators of our “best life” – the life we want vs the life we tolerate.

The first step to that “best life”?

Is to believe it is possible.

The second step?

Is to engage with the process.

We can learn to live beyond labels as we work on developing our “self” and create the “me” we want to be and discovering how to nurture healthy, non drama, relationships. 

A few resources for you as you embark on learning to live beyond the labels and reclaim your true “self”:

A Journey – this is link takes you to a search at my personal blog about “labels” and how I began to find my way out of that box. 

And you can join us in the public Empowering Solutions Community Page for the many times daily notes that talk about and teach the tiny baby steps we can take to shift from seeing ourselves as “less than” to “more than enough”. 

And here is a link to the short version of my story….how I came to discover my path from that dark place as I went through the pain of withdrawals and found my “self” and my purpose.