Personal Development is Different

Posted on November 25, 2012

This blog is about one thing: learning to create the life we want for ourselves.

Yes. A large part of that is learning how to engage in safe reduction or withdrawal from psych drugs. (If you need info on this, shoot me  note via my contact page here)

But  an even larger part of this is learning how to let go of the lingo, language and idea of “I’m broken and I need to “fix” myself”.

Or “I’m broken and I need someone else to fix me”.

Learning to live beyond the labels of psychiatry is just as important as learning to safely withdraw from the drugs prescribed as the only solution to our life struggles.

So today….I want to invite you to consider shifting from the idea of “fixing” to the idea of “learning” to be, do and have the life we want for ourselves. 

This is the “how” behind learning to heal our own wounds and live our “best life”.

This is a not a journey of “recovery” but rather one of “self discovery”.

And I am grateful you have chosen to share that journey with me.

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