Jennifers Story…

Posted on November 26, 2012

Today, Another guest post by a fellow psychiatric survivor Jennifer Bryant Roeder.

Shared from the KIP Central blog; Jennifer shares her personal story about the losses she faced upon withdrawal from the Benzo’s she had been prescribed and told were “safe”. In this piece, Jennifer revisits the life losses she faced as she awakened from what she describes as a coma-like existence and how she is healing her inner wounds.

An excerpt:

It’s unreal what I am grieving…what I have lost throughout my life while under the influence of toxic psychiatric drugs, prescribed by doctors that society taught me to trust. I was told I had a “Chemical Imbalance” in my brain and needed drugs to correct it. Labels were thrown on me such as, “Clinical Depression,” “Anxiety Disorder, etc.” I believed them. Especially having been raised in a dysfunctional family system that said, “There’s something wrong with you.” Just a continuation of the same familiar language. Having bought into all these lies, I proceeded to take various psych drugs for the next 20 years.

Now completely free of these drugs, I’m awake enough now to look back and see how I was turned me into someone I was not.My thinking was completely distorted, I made extremely irrational decisions, I forever stayed stuck ‘playing the victim’ in all my circumstances,” and my behavior at times makes me cringe at just the though of it.The worst of all this was the fact that I had NO IDEA the effects these drugs had on me and those around me.I was completely “Spell-Bound” and I lost SO MUCH as a result:I lost my marriage. I lost jobs. I lost my dignity and self-respect. I lost my connection to God. I lost friends. I lost my daughter. I lost family members. I lost dreams. I lost my Self.And so much more. It never had to be this way had I not sought help in all the wrong places. Yet, I live with the scattered pieces. And all the ‘unknowns’ of what could havebeen.

You can read the entire article here. 

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As always – if you are taking psychotropic drugs NEVER EVER just “go off them”.

To do so can be life threatening. For more information and resources on how to safely reduce or withdraw from Psychotropic drugs please visit the resources page here and view the powerpoint presentation here. 

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