Gluten sensitivity in those labeled schizophrenic & bipolar (also implicated in depression & anxiety) #foodie Friday

Posted on November 30, 2012

This info is good to know for anyone struggling with unexplainable ups, downs and all around reactivity that feels out of control.

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

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Gluten sensitivity can manifest with or without gastrointestinal symptoms! This is true for many people, not just those labeled with schizophrenia. I talk about diet and mental health a lot and gluten can be part of the mental health  picture for many people whether or not they have a psychiatric diagnosis.

Besides the gastrointestinal problems for which it is mostly known, gluten intolerance can manifest in numerous other ways including, “neuropathic pain, headaches, psychiatric disorders, iron deficiency, vitamin D deficiency” and more.

What’s more, a good number of people who don’t actually have celiac (a testable sensitivity to gluten) can often do better on gluten free or grain free diets. I found that my glucose levels and my lipids, including cholesterol are all much lower and at healthier levels when I do not eat grains. In my case this includes some non-gluten containing grains as well.

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