Trauma Informed Care (TIC)

This page is meant for everyone; from those who are seeking using mental health services, those who provide these services and supporters/family/friends/community agencies who support those seeking or using mental health services.

Part of making the shift from dependence on psychotropic drugs to maintain or manage emotional overwhelm or distress involves having a supportive solution focused team that is familiar with or willing to learn about the current paradigm shift that is taking place around the world toward TIC or Trauma Informed Care.

To aid and support your efforts to create your own or support someone else in creating their own proactive plan to reduce reliance on or withdraw from the use of psychotropic medications we are providing the following resource list.

This list is not complete nor comprehensive and will be added to over time. 

Trauma Revolution

This website is a resource has something for anyone interested in learning more about how to identify trauma, understand the effects of trauma on the individual. In addition this is a resource for those who choose to provide these services who are seeking CEU’s or additional resources for training your organization.

Emotional CPR

Read more about this compassionate model of crisis intervention here. 

The Trauma Center

Founded by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk the Trauma Center’s mission is to help individuals, families and communities that have been impacted by trauma and adversity to re-establish a sense of safety and predictability in the world, and to provide them with state-of-the-art therapeutic care as they reclaim, rebuild and renew their lives.


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