About Us

This site is the online resource for the workshop led by Susan Smith and Carolyn Pettit-Lange on Tuesday May 17, 2011 and is meant to be a resource for those using or seeking mental health services, those who choose to provide mental health services and other interested persons.

The title of this workshop: Considering the Risks of Long Term Use of Psychotropic Medications, A Proactive and Informed Approach to Determing Reduction or Withdrawal and Alternatives to Support Long-term Wellness

A mouthful for sure:)

Yet it says it all.

Making an informed decision requires knowing the facts, the options and creating a purposeful plan to achieve the desired results. 

Some housekeeping…

1. To recieve notificiation of new material please consider registering ie subscribing to recieve email updates on the right-had side bar

2. At this time we are not opening comments on posts but would like very much to hear from you; to contact us please use the form on the “Contact Us” page.

So welcome; I’m glad you are here and hopefully you will find this site a helpful tool over the next days and weeks the material, sources and resources from this weeks conference are posted for you to use to create your own or support anothers choice to create their own Proactive Plan.

Susan and Carolyn

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